Passing the IEEE WCET examination means that an individual has demonstrated mastery of the wireless communication body of knowledge. However, passing the examination is only one portion of certification. The wireless communication field is constantly changing and requires that wireless communication professionals keep current with changes in the profession. Maintaining an active certification status through recertification is the way in which certified professionals demonstrate their currency and preserve their professional edge.  Read why other WCPs are maintaining their certification and recertifying.

Recertification is required every five years, as determined by the year the current certification was issued (shown on the passing candidate certificate). For example, credential holders who earned their certification in 2008 need to recertify by the end of 2013.  You will have until the Spring or Fall, depending on the date of your certification, of the fifth year after you earned your credential to renew your certification. You may apply up to six months before your deadline.

There are two ways of earning recertification:
  • By passing the current WCET certification exam or
  • By earning Professional Development Units (PDUs) through contributions to the profession and/or personal professional development
The recertification fee is $300 for IEEE/ComSoc members and $350 for non-members. The same fee applies whether you take the certification exam or submit an accounting of PDUs earned since your certification.

The first option for earning recertification is to pass the current WCET certification examination. The exam is updated regularly, and the current exam will test a candidate’s knowledge of developments in the field since his or her previous certification.

The second option is to earn PDUs through the WCET Continuing Certification Program (WCCP). PDUs quantify a candidate’s professional and educational/learning activities. PDUs can be earned through participation in activities related to contributions to the profession and/or professional development in the area(s) of covered by WCET.  Depending on the date of your certification, the Spring deadline to submit PDUs for your recertification is April 30 and the Fall deadline is October 31.

A minimum of 100 PDUs, distributed over a minimum of three years, must be earned during each five-year recertification cycle in order to maintain certification. To ensure that the candidate has a broad knowledge of the field, these activities must be related to at least three of the seven areas tested on the WCET examination. See Appendix A of the Candidate’s Handbook for a detailed current description of these seven areas.

The following tables outline a variety of ways in which PDUs can be earned and the maximum number of PDUs that can be earned through each activity. Candidates can download a spreadsheet into which they can enter their information to apply for PDUs. Completed spreadsheet should be submitted to the WCET recertification committee at All submittals are subject to selection for an audit. If an application is selected for audit, evidence validating the claimed PDUs will be required. Such evidence may include attestation by a candidate’s manager regarding work performed, proof of attendance at a training course or conference, or similar verification. Click here to see a listing of typical documents that might be requested.

“Contributions to the Profession” include such activities as the following:

Activity Description Maximum PDUs Allowed
Professional Activities Working in wireless communications
  • Submittal or receipt of a patent
  • At least 50% of your time spent doing professional level work
50 PDUs
(Up to 20 PDUs for a patent; 6 PDUs/year, to a maximum of 30 per five-year cycle for professional-level work)
Professional/Industry Volunteer Services
  • ComSoc officer
  • ComSoc committee membership
  • Relevant industry standards, conference, or similar committee membership
30 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of volunteer service up to a maximum of 10 PDUs/year))
WCET Program Support
  • Writing or reviewing exam questions
  • Developing a WCET-related tutorial
  • Contributing to the WEBOK
25 PDUs
(1 PDU/hour of effort)
Course Development/ Instruction Developing and/or teaching a course in wireless communications;
Course development earns twice as many PDUs as teaching.
30 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of teaching; 2 PDUs per hour of course development)
Publications Publishing relevant technical papers, articles, books, book chapters, etc. 25 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of effort)

“Professional Development” activities should be related to the WCET Certification Exam Areas of Expertise or the primary focus of the activities should be related to wireless communications.  Professional Development activities can include the following:

Activity Description Maximum PDUs Allowed
ComSoc Training Programs Attending relevant live or on-line courses offered by ComSoc 25 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of study)
Programs Outside ComSoc Participating in relevant courses offered by educational institutions, commercial training providers, industry organizations, or similar. 25 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of study)
Self-Directed Learning Using assessment-based self-directed training materials, such as online tutorials, CDs, DVDs, printed materials, or instructional manuals. 15 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of study)
Other Certifications Acquiring or maintaining a relevant professional license or certification. For example, a Professional Engineer (PE) license (provided the holder is practicing in the field of wireless communications), various state or regulatory body certifications, or other relevant credentials earned through recognized industry/professional organizations. 25 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of effort provided the hours are not claimed elsewhere [e.g., as training])
Industry Conferences and Events Attending relevant technical sessions, workshops, and/or training activities offered at conferences and other industry events. 20 PDUs
(1 PDU per hour of attendance)
Professional/Industrial Community Attaining a higher level of membership, such as Senior Member or Fellow, in a relevant professional/industrial community. 25 PDUs
(PDUs depend on the prior and new member levels)

Download a spreadsheet to enter your information to apply for PDUs.
Submit your completed spreadsheet to









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