Vendor-neutral and trans-national in scope, the IEEE WCET® certification program's focus is explicitly on the knowledge and on-the-job experience that a practicing wireless communications professional needs to be successful globally in this industry. Nothing testifies more to the international nature of the program than the breadth of industry participation at all stages of the development process.

In support of the wireless industry which is essential to commerce, business and personal communications, and public safety / first responders, the IEEE WCET® certification program:
  • Provides a globally recognized credential defining what is expected from an IEEE Certified Wireless Professional
  • Fosters the learning and build-up of a broad knowledge base across all seven domains by technology leaders
  • Helps business leaders to master all aspects in wireless engineering technology for today's ever growing vertical and horizontal integrations
  • Prepares industry, military and government entities for tomorrow's successes, and contributes towards your sustained success
From a global perscpective, WCET is a wireless certification recognized around the world. The program is based on technology and applications and not a specific company's approach. Certified engineers have demonstrated a thorough understanding of different key technologies in the wireless arena, local market implications of wireless communications, and new technology / standards development.

With IEEE WCET® certification, professionals can clearly demonstrate their knowledge of wireless communication technologies to employers. They can also change engineering fields as new opportunities arise in the wireless industry.