An official score report will be available approximately three to four weeks after the close of the testing window. You will be notified by email with your official score report. If you have passed, your certificate will be mailed to the postal address that you provided in your application.

The score report provides information on whether the candidate passed or failed the examination. In order to pass the examination, candidates must obtain a scale score of 500 or higher on a scale that ranges from 200 to 800. In addition to the scale score, candidates will receive information on the total number of questions in each area of expertise and the number of questions the candidate answered correctly in each area. Due to the need to maintain test security, examination questions and answers will not be released to candidates.

Be sure to update your address if it has changed by sending an email to cert@comsoc.org. Under no circumstances will scores or pass/fail information be released over the phone or by fax.


Candidates who fail the examination may re-apply for the examination during the next available testing window. Application procedures for those retaking the test remain the same as those for first-time applicants. There is a reduced fee for those taking the exam as a second attempt to pass and for every time subsequent after that.


Successful candidates who have not received a certificate within three months after the close of the testing window or who receive a damaged certificate should email IEEE ComSoc at wcetcertificates@comsoc.org. A duplicate certificate (if applicable) will be issued at no cost. A processing and shipping fee may be assessed for requests postmarked more than 90 days after the test date.

If you legally change your name, lose your certificate, or want another certificate for personal reasons, you may request a replacement certificate (please note that a fee may be applied). To request an additional certificate, email wcetcertificates@comsoc.org.

Please read the full details on duplicate or replacement certificates in the Candidate's Handbook, which includes information on documentation needed for formal name changes.