The IEEE WCET® is a broad-based examination that assesses knowledge of the entire wireless communication engineering field. The IEEE WCET® exam is intended for professionals who develop and implement all types of wireless communication in countries throughout the world.

The WCET exam has been constructed by subject matter experts and hiring managers to assess the skills and knowledge of practicing wireless communications professionals with the equivalent of a college or university degree and three or more years of professional experience. The decision as to whether an individual is qualified to take the exam is an assessment that should be made by the applicant with this understanding. In making the decision, an applicant should consider the following factors:

  • Degree from an accredited college or university

  • Graduate-level educational experience may be comparable to an equivalent period of professional work experience

  • “Professional wireless experience” - at least 51% of the candidate’s daily professional activities are in the field of wireless communication engineering

  • A thorough familiarity with the topics covered by the exam as noted in the seven areas of expertise

Significant success on the practice exam, available online, has been shown to be an indicator that a candidate is probably qualified to take the certification examination.

Applicants with a combination of a bachelor’s degree or comparable education plus three or more years of professional experience – or other similar level of preparation – have been more successful on the examination than those with less preparation.